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Flow hot water dispensers vs electric kettles

Electric kettles are cool. As Technology Connections elaborated, they’re very efficient. However, I think I have found even better solution: a flow how water dispenser (such as Nedis KAWD300FBK that I have).

  • In electric kettles, you’re usually heating more water than you need.
    • There’s usually a 0,5 l water level minimum for the kettle to function properly. When you just want to make yourself just a 300 ml coffee, you’re heating 60 % more water than you need.
    • Even when you want to heat more than 500 ml of water, I usually accidentally overshoot and pour in way more water than I need.
  • Because you heat more water than you need:
    • You waste a energy heating water that you don’t need.
    • The heating takes longer.

The flow hot water dispenser solves these issues and adds a few bonuses:

  • The dispenser lets you select the amount to be dispensed and the water temperature.
  • This means you always heat the exact amount of water you need.
  • As a consequence, the water is ready sooner and the process takes less energy.
  • The dispenser also has a cold water tank included, meaning you don’t need to fill it every time you want to heat water. The water is always boiled only once.
  • You can put things (for example) in the cup while the water is dispensing. You can have your tea ready much faster than when using the kettle, and you’ll use less energy.